All About Books 4 Belize

Our Story:
Originally, our organization was founded in the hopes of developing a community library in Hopkins, Belize. The library was established by a deceased Peace Corps officer in the hopes of promoting educational opportunities in developing countries. During her travels, Ms. Bertie stumbled upon this small vibrant community in Belize. After shipping 420 lbs of books on January 13, 2010, we decided to shift our perspective locally, donating books to local youth centers, libraries, and educational programs in the Bay Area. However, in the future, we hope to shift our perspective globally once again. Our current objective is simply to provide grassroots projects and established educational programs with resources. We continue to carry Ms. Bertie's lively spirit with us as we champion her cause through this organization.

Our Mission Statement:
Develop community libraries and educational programs in order to promote a broader world of learning and collapse linguistic and social boundaries.

1. Collect books and other educational resources
2. Expand the organization by developing new chapters throughout California
3. Develop reading programs in local cities
4. Supply local, domestic, and international organizations with books

Our Network:
Co- Founders: Jennie Moton and Melissa Brown
TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) Graduate students at Sacramento State

Presentation High School, San Jose, Ca
Main Contact: Natalie Audelo

West Torrance High School, Los Angeles, Ca
Main Contact: Jaimee Partida

Hopkins, Belize -Main Contact: Reva Dark
Reva Dark, local expatriate and business owner of Stann Creek Realty, is Books4Belize's main contact in Hopkins, Belize. She keeps in touch with the principal of Hopkin's Elementary School on a day-to-day basis. Reva is in charge of weekly reading sessions for both adults and children that take place in Miss Bertie's Library. She also directs any interested volunteers (or tourists) to the library.